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lawn grass suppliers and Maintenance services

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  • Instects control
    Services Ruiru (Kiambu) November 27, 2019
    7.00 KES

    Reach us insect control services on your lawn

  • Weed control services
    Services November 27, 2019
    6.00 KES

    Looking for weed free lawn, just reach we have the solution. we sell selective weed killer and offer the services of controlling the same

  • Mowing services in Nairobi
    Services Ruiru (Kiambu) November 26, 2019
    5000.00 KES

    Mowing is an effective way to promote growth and keep your lawn looking great. Reach us for professional mowing services

  • Steamed Manure
    850.00 KES
    Steamed Manure
    Garden Supplies Ruiru (Kiambu) November 26, 2019
    850.00 KES

    We supply steamed manure as low as 50kg bags

  • Manure in bags
    750.00 KES
    Manure in bags
    Garden Supplies Nairobi (Nairobi) April 26, 2019
    750.00 KES

    We supply manure in small and large quantities. pick up point TRM

  • Peperomia indoor plants
    Garden Supplies Nairobi (Nairobi) April 26, 2019
    850.00 KES

    Baby Rubber Plant is species of flowering plants. It is beautiful houseplant to grow.

  • Tifton Bermuda lawn grass
    Garden Supplies (Kiambu) October 24, 2018
    2500.00 KES

    Tifton Bermuda grass is used for homes,sports pitches. It has moderate ,maintenance requirements.

  • Thika palms
    550.00 KES
    Thika palms
    Garden Supplies Nairobi (Ruiru) April 27, 2018
    550.00 KES

    The most beautifula trees in kenya . Trees are loved for it is beauty especially during blooming.

  • tiff sport lawn grass
    Agriculture Products Nairobi (Ruiru) April 27, 2018
    110.00 KES

    Fine leafed grass. Suitable for home and sports pitches. Drought and wear tolerant.

  • SOD   Grass
    450.00 KES
    SOD Grass
    Garden Supplies limuru (Kiambu) December 14, 2017
    450.00 KES

    Ready lawn grass for a ready prepared ground. Dig, Rake,apply manure then rake nicely .....order the grass delivery one after you order.