Samsung NP900X1A Series 9 Notebook

Nairobi, KE 100000.00 KES

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• Intel core i5 processor. Whether playing latest 3D games or compressing large HD Video size, the new state of the art processor accelerates cpu processing power when needed most.
• 64GB Solid State Drive. Samsung’s solid state drive technology is known for faster loading of applications, booting of your computer which limits time lag between execution of a command and when that command (in this case applications) is loaded.
• Longer battery life. NP900X1A notebook saves power with its efficient performance such as powerless sleep mode. Its advanced lithium polymer battery has a capacity of up to 7hours which makes it last more than 3 times longer than typical batteries.
• 1.3 mega-pixel HD webcam
• 2GB DDR3 system memory
• Windows 7 Home
• Bluetooth V3.0 high speed technology
• 11.6 inch superbright plus display screen
• HD LED backlit with anti-glare technology

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